London: The World’s Most Influential City

United Kingdom - London

When the British Empire covered almost a third of the Planet, London was the world’s most influential city. Today, The UK’s capital remains a real powerhouse with its financial heart affecting markets worldwide. The cultural contribution that London makes in entertainment and fashion should also not be underestimated.

The iconic River Thames runs through its heart with many historical buildings lining its banks. Parliament, Big Ben, The Tower of London are just three examples. The Thames is a waterway that has huge commercial importance as well as being the thoroughfare for monarchs in bygone centuries. Take the London Eye, built for the Millennium, and even get a bird’s eye view over this great city.

London visitor numbers have been hugely impressive for centuries. There are so many reasons to visit. It may be your love of history, and its architecture, entertainment or sporting events, museums, and famous landmarks. London is always busy, but the transport infrastructure is good. Tour buses can take you around its highlights by day. By night, London is a match for any city in the world.

The British Empire is long gone, and the world is rapidly changing. However, when it comes to the world’s most influential city, London is still very much in the running.