Barcelona: Admiring Gaudi’s Work in the Capital of Catalonia

Spain - Barcelona

One of the most famous images of Spain is a building that begun construction before the end of the 19th Century and is yet to be completed. It is La Familia Sagrada, a catholic cathedral designed by Barcelona’s favorite son, Antoni Gaudi.  His style is very distinctive and admiring Gaudi’s work in the capital of Catalonia is just one reason to visit Barcelona. Catalonia is a fiercely proud province in Northeast Spain.

There are many interesting landmarks in Barcelona other than the buildings of Gaudi.  La Rambla is a pedestrian walkway leading to the coast, and the colorful market, Mercat de la Boqueria has been a feature there since the mid-19th Century. Boqueria means ‘’goat’’ and a meat market opened here many centuries before.

There are many modern features in Barcelona as well. It hosted the 1992 Olympic Games, and its stadium is impressive. However, the most impressive stadium is the Camp Nou, the home of world-famous Barcelona FC, regular national and European champions.

With fine dining available throughout the city, including regional favorites, Barcelona has much to offer, day, and night and the capital of Catalonia is a city that welcomes tourists all year round with plenty of daily flights so there is no reason to not plan a visit.