What is Your Home’s Worth on Airbnb? Use This Tool to Find Out

Airbnb has created a tool to get the potential monthly earnings of hosting your home on their website.

Tyson Peveto
Tyson Peveto

Tyson Peveto is an American travel writer living abroad since 2017. After three years in Bangkok, he currently lives in Germany with his wife and dog.

What is Your Home’s Worth on Airbnb? Use This Tool to Find Out

As vaccines are rolled out and economies open back up, people around the world will begin to travel again with plenty of opportunities for Airbnb hosts to earn some extra income.

For those that have considered renting out their homes or rooms to travelers, Airbnb has created an interactive tool called “What’s My Place Worth”. This calculator will determine your monthly earnings based on the size and location of your property. The tool was created by Airbnb in anticipation of lockdown easing across the globe and uptake in travel, to guarantee a worthy selection of homes for those looking at places to stay.

A new survey conducted by Airbnb on what travel could look like in 2021 and beyond also found that travel is the number one activity Americans missed this year with 54% of respondents indicating they have either already booked are currently planning to travel, or expect to travel in 2021.

The first post-pandemic trip for many will be to connect with loved ones with 53% of respondents feeling less connected to their friends and extended family.

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