Abuja: Nigeria Federal Capital Territory

A modern and fascinating African city that blends nature with the best of leisure, accommodation and business activities. Abuja is a city that is looking towards the future of Africa.

Tyson Peveto
Tyson Peveto

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Abuja: Nigeria Federal Capital Territory

Abuja is Africa’s first purposely built capital city. Located in the very center of Nigeria, the heart of Africa; the city symbolizes unity among the 250 ethnic groups and over 500 languages that make up Nigeria. Today, Nigeria Federal Capital Territory fondly nicknamed ‘Center of Unity’ is a vibrant metropolis of over 6 million people.

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The Vision

Abuja City Highways - Africa's First Purposely Built Capital City

Photo courtesy of Geoffrey Kateregga

Planned with splendor, elegance, and magnificence in mind, Abuja was to serve as a place of pride for all Nigerians. But like a diamond that must be polished and cut before the sparkling beauty is revealed, Abuja, the rock city, required the concerted and painful process of cutting and polishing to reveal itself as a rare gem.

The city extends a warm welcome to the local and international communities, from the ultra-modern Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, through the well-manicured shrubbery that lines the highways into the very heart of the city.

Realities Today

Zuma Rock Nigeria - federal capital territory nigeriPhoto: StreetVJ/Shutterstock

Unlike the images of tarred roads, industrial fumes, and stark concrete pavements that a city brings up in the minds of many, Abuja blends nature with sophistication, set with postcard perfection against the backdrop of Zuma rock.

It takes full advantage of the natural beauty of other surrounding rocks. Nature dwells, side-by-side with civilization, surrounded by satellite towns, devoid of congestion, nature bloom in harmony – alive in the wilderness and raw in its beauty, the way the creator intended it to be.

The undulating topography of Abuja is a perfect platform to showcase its wide network of roads, meeting the standard for roads anywhere in the world. The expansive network is crisscrossed by overhead bridges and dotted by traffic lights to make for the free flow of traffic. Designed to blend nature with the necessity of mechanized movement, Abuja roads are a delight for many to ply.

Working along the lines of providing an easy, and accessible transport system to cater for its teeming population, the Abuja Administration has put up a system which offers passengers comfort and style anytime, anywhere, any day.

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Architectural masterpieces which characterize the corporate existence in Abuja are set upon a cushion of the greenest greens against the backdrop of the imposing rocks that typify the city. Highlighting their form and shape, and showing off their impeccable status.

From the awesome splendor of the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) tower to the sublime elegance of the Central Bank of Nigeria; the regal effects of other corporate headquarters dot the city with stately brilliance and the spectacular edifices of the National Mosque, and the National Christian Center standout out proud right in the city.

Built to Serve

Abuja 2019 Carnival - federal capital territory nigeri

Abuja 2019 Carnival

A fully functional city, Abuja serves as Nigeria’s seat of power, Its center of administration, and home of the legislative and the judicial arms of government.

Fully fitted with top-class facilities; an ultra-modern national stadium, and a world-class conference center, Abuja serves as a meeting point for international functions and other first-rate events.

Tested and trusted, Abuja has successfully hosted international sporting events such as the African Games; the African cup of Nations, and the FIFA Under-17 World Cup.

Abuja has also hosted international meetings like the commonwealth Heads of state, and Government meetings; the Association of Senate’s Shura and equivalent councils in Africa; and the Arab world retreat (Asaka), as well as cultural shows like the Abuja Carnival. They have all been hosted in Abuja.

With Nigeria being a key player in African politics, Abuja has been the venue for peace talks and conferences. The crisis in the Darfur region of Sudan, the Sierra Leone Civil War, and the Liberian war have all been issues hosted and settled in Abuja.

Yet, only a breath away from the world of corporate and fast-paced existence in the city lies the parks and natural resorts that Abuja has become famous for.

Nature is meant to be enjoyed, and enjoyed it is in the sheer radiance of these parks – the millennium Park; the children’s park and zoo; and the IBV Golf course. A haven away from the rigors and stress of work, they add a refreshing zest to life for both children and adults.

Culture and Tourism

Novare Shopping Mall - Abuja - Nigeria Federal Capital Territory

Photo courtesy of Samed Olukoya

Other facilities designed for the promotion of Nigerian arts and culture abound in the city, like the Ushafa Pottery situated in the Bwari Area Council of Abuja –  the home of classical clay work, a must-see for all. The hospitality industry is at an all-time high, thriving on the provision of first-class services.

Combining experience, expertise, and efficiency to provide unparalleled results. A home away from home even to the most particular of visitors. Three, four, and five-star hotels abound that comply with standards across the world.

Taking advantage of the infrastructure provided by the Abuja administration, and the investment opportunities that abound in the growing market, private investors have found paradise in Abuja. Abuja provides other amenities to support the vision of a contemporary city. Its ultra-modern markets and shopping malls are designed for all categories of shoppers.

The concerted effort to implement the city’s master plan in all areas has seen a functional world-class destination springing up. Like a brightly jeweled bride, the glory of Abuja glitters against the midnight blue of the sky from whatever angle.

A closer look only reveals the life that teams beneath, visible in the lit pavement of shopping centers in the neon lights of fast-food outlets and hotels. And for those who would rather savor a local dish – the mouth-watering aromas of barbecued meat at local sear spots scattered all over the city’s areas and zones.

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A New Dawn

Abuja World Trade Center - Nigeria Federal Capital Territory

Photo courtesy of Churchgate

Definitely a land that holds a lot of promise, Abuja continues to make strides in evolving into a city to behold. As the city continues to grow in size and evolve, we can only hope that the Abuja Administration never loses sight of the original aesthetic qualities of the location – one of the most beautiful settings that nature can provide for the world.

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