Bridgerton tour Comes to Bath and London

This is your chance to explore the United Kingdom of Daphne Bridgerton and the Duke of Hastings.

Tyson Peveto
Tyson Peveto

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As the world begins to open back up, many people are looking for new travel opportunities. For those of us that watched (and rewatched) the Netflix drama Bridgerton over the last few months, the tour group Contiki has created a guided Bridgerton tour just for you, showcasing some of the real-life locations from the show.

The four-day itinerary begins with two days in London. You’ll be staying at the Rubens at the Palace, a place befitting any acquaintance of the Bridgertons. This historic hotel with connections to royalty is a luxurious place to stay, overlooking the Royal Mews of Buckingham Palace. Exploring London, you will have the chance to see highlights of the city and beautiful filming locations from the show. The first day ends with a proper English dinner and drinks in a Victorian-era pub.

The second day will bring you to the Bridgerton residence, which is actually the Greenwich’s Ranger’s House on Chesterfield Walk. After viewing other Victorian homes and rose gardens used during filming, you’ll return to the Rubens for British high tea. The night ends with a show at the Hackney Empire Theater, where Siena Rosso sings, then drinks at London’s oldest wine bar.

Bridgerton inspired tour

Photo: Courtesy of Contiki

Before heading to Bath on the third day of your tour, you will have the chance to walk around Hampton Court Palace. This was once a home of Henry VIII and was used as the filming location for Queen Charlotte’s residence. Afterward, in Bath, you’ll explore the city with a local guide. They’ll bring you to Bath’s most lovely sites and filming spots: the Featherington House, Modiste’s Dress Shop, the Sally Lunn Bunn Shop to try a “bunn”, and numerous beautiful ballrooms.

Get a good night’s rest at the Old Mill Hotel, on the River Avon, before your last day of Bridgerton. The itinerary is open this morning so it is your chance to see everything else Bath has to offer. At midday, the tour meets back to visit the Wilton House where filming was done for the Hastings House in the show. Spend your last few minutes in the world of Bridgerton as your stroll through the parks and walkways of the characters’ many promenades. The tour will then bring you back to London, ending the Bridgerton-themed experience at Victoria Station.

This four-day itinerary can be booked now, with the first trip beginning on 16 September 2021. The price starts at $925 but additional services and extra nights of accommodation can be added during the checkout process. They also offer to book the tour for $100 with the option to pay the rest of the balance off monthly, up until 45 days before the tour.

For more information on the Bridgerton tour or to make a booking, visit the Contiki website.

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