The Best of North America in Two Minutes

North America

From the Aztec history of Mexico to the cities on North America’s eastern seaboard to the vast open spaces that still exist in North America, it is difficult to know where to start in talking of the best of North America. Its cities provide a contrast, modern-day New York and further north in Canada, there is Toronto or French-speaking Quebec. Las Vegas remains the gambling and entertainment capital of the world. When it comes to history, Mexico City beats them all.

Yellowstone Park was the first national park opened in North America and it remains a jewel for tourists until it closes for winter. The Grand Canyon in Arizona Is a true wonder while the Rocky Mountains running down the whole of North America’s west coast from British Columbia to New Mexico are spectacular. You can even drive to an elevation of over 12,000 feet on the Trail Ridge Highway.

There are many holiday resorts offering beach holidays, from Cancun in Mexico to Miami in Florida. Over on the west, you are spoilt for choice in California. It takes planning to get the best of North America in a single holiday. You can always return and second time and more.