The Beauty of Canada in Two Minutes

North America - Canada

The beauty of Canada is rightly famous; greatly beloved for its glorious uninhabited land and breathtaking scenery; all composed of ocean, plains, mountains, rivers, and lakes.

Another natural wonder is the famous Northern Lights which can be seen all year round. There are myriads of famous attractions in Canada, making it one of the best places to live in the world. Choose to live in magnificent cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, or Montreal or small little towns like Deep River, Niagara on the Lake, Balm Beach, or Rapides-des-Joachim’s.

With the longest coastline in the world, you begin to realize why this country is so stunning and diverse. Go inland a bit and you have the country with the most lakes, Lake Huron, Great Bear Lake, Lake Superior, to name a few. Everyone knows about the Dead Sea in the Middle East but Canada has its own version. Little Manitou Lake in Saskatchewan.

The lake is fed by an underground spring with strong mineral salt concentrations. A visit to the Banff National Park really explains the beauty of Canada. If you travel to Yukon, you will find Canada’s tallest mountain, Mount Logan, all of 5,995 meters high. Canada is a very multicultural country. It is estimated that by 2031; more than 50% of Canadians will be from other countries! Being cold, it makes ice hockey very popular.

Even the Canadian $5 bill shows images of kids playing ice hockey on a frozen pond. Apart from all the natural wonders on display, there are heaps of bars, clubs, and exciting nightlife activities. In fact, there are over 21 top party cities in Canada. Frankly, when it comes to scenery, the beauty of Canada is hard to beat.