South Africa - The Rainbow Nation Exemplified

Africa - South Africa

The southernmost country on the continent of Africa, South Africa rightly earns its nickname, the Rainbow Nation. It is not just the natural colors in the country but its cultural diversity and varied ecosystems that mark South Africa out.

 The country’s origins date back long before the arrival of Europeans, but when they did come, their journey of exploration inland found gold and more. Even today, the Rainbow Nation stands out for its mineral wealth.

Its extensive coastline is glorious with a small amount facing the Atlantic but then that great ocean meets the Indian Ocean below Cape Town. From there, the coastline heads due east then turns north up Africa’s east coast. Towns, cities, and tourist resorts have developed all along this stretch of coastline.

It would be an injustice to solely concentrate on South Africa’s coast. The world-famous Kruger Park plays a major role in wildlife conservation. The Drakensberg Mountains offer wonderful hiking and photo opportunities while the colors from the seasonal flowers in the Northern Cape are spectacular.

South Africa’s sporting prowess is legendary, and its acceptance post-apartheid has resulted in its hosting world cups in its three main sports, cricket, rugby union, and soccer. Then there is golf and its many fine players.