Mexico City: The City of Palaces

Mexico - Mexico City

Busy cities may not always appeal to you but the City of Palaces in the heart of Mexico deserves close inspection. Mexico City is located at an altitude which modifies temperatures from the level found at similar latitudes. It means that if you want to explore this former Aztec headquarters that then became central to the Spanish conquistadors, you will just find pleasantly warm summers.

There are landmarks too many to do justice to in a few paragraphs. The main square, Frida Museum and Zocalo, the Aztec Templo Mayor, the Palacio Nacional, the Angel of Independence, and the City Cathedral just scratch the surface of places to visit. There is a metro, buses, and a hop-on, hop-off, tourist bus to help you get around. Do not even consider driving yourself because the traffic is hectic.

Mexican cuisine has rightly earned worldwide appeal, and the City of Palaces is certainly a place where you can enjoy it at its best. International cuisine is readily available as well as Mexico’s capital caters to huge tourist numbers every year. As with all cities, use your common sense when moving around, day and night, and you will enjoy a great time in Mexico City.