Hidden Gems in Mexico

North America - Mexico

This southern neighbor of the USA is rich in culture, history, and exquisite natural beauty. It has an exciting blend of ancient civilization mixed with colonial influence. Alongside the hidden gems in Mexico is its fantastic affordability.

Even though Mexico is often considered a Third World country, poor and ignorant, it boasts luxury resorts, giving many people the opportunity to live the good life. The sparkling blue waters of the Caribbean reach the magnificent beaches of Tulum and Playa del Carmen.

Then there’s the Acapulco Beach which the jet-set crowd made famous years back. The Mexican culture is very rich and varied with thousands of years of native culture. As for Mexican food, there is a fusion of influences that go into many of these dishes.

In Mexico, the state of Oaxaca with all its different cultures remains the top favorite destination for travelers who want to try top mouthwatering dishes. In fact, every region of Mexico will have its own take of delectable cuisine. Dishes like tequila and Oaxaca cheese; are famous and exported all over the world.

Because it is a large and long country, Mexico has a variety of ecosystems so you will find desert as well as hot, dense, tropical jungles. There are mountain peaks and huge plains and well over 70 national parks. Top outdoor activities in Mexico are snorkeling, hiking, and golf. The varied hidden gems in Mexico make it a must-visit destination for budding adventurers.