Exploring San Francisco - The Golden Gate City

United States - San Francisco

This Northern California City on the Pacific has something for everyone. The Golden Gate City takes its name from the bridge that is regularly used to promote San Francisco. Among its many highlights is the former prison, Alcatraz, which sits threateningly in the bay. No one ever escaped from there, or did they?

Take an audio tour one day, a definite highlight in San Francisco. The waterfront itself is worth exploring. Fine dining and the Golden Gate City are synonymous, and dining while looking out as Alcatraz is a must. Napa Valley, California’s famous wine land is just to the north so a bottle with dinner makes perfect sense. Chinatown should not be forgotten when looking for dining venues.

The city itself has been used as a location for many films. The roads sloping down to the bay have been the location for many car chases. Do you remember Steve McQueen’s ‘’Bullitt’’, still a classic 50 years on? The trams and hop-on, hop-off buses are a great way to see the city. There are plenty of modern skyscrapers but streets full of history and culture. Likewise, a cruise in the bay will give you a different perspective of San Francisco.