Exploring Marrakech - the Red City of Morocco

Morocco - Marrakesh

The standout landmark in the Red City of Morocco is the 12th Century Koutoubia Mosque with its minaret. It can be seen from far away. Marrakesh is a thriving city, important economically, and certainly attractive to tourists. Visitors are certain to enjoy its architecture, mosques, and palaces, but also the daily activities. The many souks sell leather, carpets, jewelry, pottery, and more.

Marrakesh sits below the Atlas Mountains and has existed since the Berber Empire in the 11th Century with red sandstone used to build many of its structures. Not surprisingly, there is plenty of history and culture to experience in the Red City of Morocco. The Medina, the old walled city, is a UNESCO World Heritage site with 8 main gates that lead out to modern-day Marrakesh. The Medina includes the famous Jemma el-Fnaa, a square known throughout Africa and beyond.

You can escape the bustle in any number of city gardens, typically Menara Garden established in the 12th Century. The nearby reservoir allows olive and orange groves to flourish which leads to another treat in Marrakesh, Moroccan cuisine. Its use of fruits, meat, often lamb, and spices combine to create lovely flavors in the city’s many restaurants.