Cape Town - South Africa’s Mother City

South Africa - Cape Town

European settlers landed on the southern tip of Africa, in search of the unknown. What followed was the discovery of gold and the settlement of what became South Africa. No wonder Cape Town has become known as South Africa’s Mother City. It spawned a country without equal on the continent of Africa.

Cape Town sits below Table Mountain which is the beginning of a spine of land heading south to the Cape of Good Hope and the meeting of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. There are bays throughout greater Cape Town although the water on the western side is cold, straight from the Antarctic. And yes, despite Cape Town’s good climate, it has its own penguin colonies.

The setting, therefore, is spectacular while the hinterland has become the continent’s finest wine region. It is not surprising that Cape Town grew initially and continues to grow. The city n is a cultural mix with a significant Asian population, the majority Indian. Not surprisingly, that has impacted local cuisines with its use of spices.

South Africa’s Mother City is comfortably the nation’s top tourist city. It hosts major sports events, provides excellent accommodation alternatives, and its overall infrastructure makes it a dream holiday.