Africa: There’s nowhere quite like it on the Planet


Africa – there’s nowhere quite like it on the Planet. The continent stretches from the Mediterranean in the north to where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet in the south. Between the two, there is a huge variety. The Muslim States on the Mediterranean are separated from the rest of Africa by the huge Sahara Desert.

There are equatorial forests some of which remain fairly impenetrable in Central Africa but further south and east is the real jewel of Africa. It is the great variety of wildlife, predators, and prey, some in wilderness environments in places like Botswana. They mark out Africa as the most interesting continent in the world.

Most of Africa was colonized but independence came decades ago. Countries developed in different ways depending on their colonial masters, and their natural resources. Many cities have huge populations after people moved from rural areas looking for employment.

While there are cities throughout the continent, wonders like the wildlife, the iconic Victoria Falls, and the lovely sandy beaches on the Indian Ocean Coast provide plenty of choices when planning an African holiday. Combine a safari with time on a beach, either in East Africa or Southern Africa. Africa is made for that. There’s nowhere quite like it on the Planet.