Three days in London Itinerary - Places to Visit & Things to Do

Having a third day in London gives you the chance to truly appreciate what sets London apart from any other major city.

Three days in London Itinerary - Places to Visit & Things to Do

After the sights and sounds of the One Day in London Itinerary and the markets and neighborhoods of the Two Days in London Itinerary, it’s time to slow down and appreciate what makes London’s culture so unique.

Today, you’ll have a few different choices to make sure you get exactly what you want from the city. From guided tours to world-class museums, there’s plenty to choose from to finish out your three days in London itinerary.

Learn From the Experts While Seeing the City

Platform 9 34 to Hogwarts Express - Three Days in London Itinerary

Photo: Sarah Ehlers/Unsplash 

Many major cities have a great, inexpensive option to explore what a destination has to offer: free walking tours. Just doing a quick search online usually pulls up plenty of options. For our third day in London, it’s time for a bit more unique of a tour.

But first, let’s grab some breakfast before the tour. Since many of the tours begin in or around Soho, a perfect option is My Place Soho. Whether you want another full English breakfast or just need something light, they have delicious offerings for you to get ready for your late morning tour.

Harry Potter Walking Tour

Photo: Strawberry Tours

Strawberry Tours is one of many companies offering free walking tours with numerous themes. If you’re a lover of the Wizarding World, they offer the two-hour Free Harry Potter Tour. You’ll get to see where many scenes were filmed, shop at locations selling Potter-related merchandise, and see the locations that inspired J.K. Rowling while writing the series.

If you aren’t a fan of Potter’s world, they also offer a fascinating look at the city with their Free Sherlock Holmes & the Art of Deduction Tour. You’ll learn about the world of Sherlock and his creator, Arthur Conan Doyle. You’ll also see locations from the many movie renditions, ending the two-hour tour at London’s only Sherlock Holmes Pub. No matter which tour you choose, be sure to tip your guide for the wonderful experience.

Beat the Weather Inside a Museum

Victoria Albert Museum - Three Days in London Itinerary

Photo: Brett Jordan/Unsplash 

London can be rainy or cold a lot of the time. Or maybe they’re experiencing one of their more and more frequent heatwaves. Either way, you can continue your three days in London itinerary by spending an afternoon in a museum, a great way to get out of the weather and immerse yourself in culture, art, and history.

Just a few Underground stations from, you can get off at South Kensington station to access a few of the city’s best museums. The National History Museum offers you a chance to learn about animals and nature, seeing the geographic and geologic history of the region and the world. Tickets are free but make sure you book in advance to guarantee access on the day you want.

Next door is the overwhelming Victoria and Albert Museum, a collection of decorative arts exhibits encompassing over 5,000 years of history. Their massive collection includes furniture, fashion, textiles, photography, sculptures, paintings, jewelry, ceramics, and books. The V&A Museums is free as well, but you can book a time and date in advance on their website.

If one of these two museums doesn’t seem your style, there’s plenty of more options nearby. The British Museum, the Tate Modern, and the National Gallery (if you didn’t go to it on Day One) are popular attractions and are worth visiting as well.

An Evening in Shakespeare’s London

The Globe Theatre - Three Days in London Itinerary

The Globe Theatre

Across the River Thames, you’ll need to eat some food before you carry on with the three days in London itinerary and head into Shakespeare’s London. If you haven’t had the classic fish and chips, there’s a great option right near Waterloo station: Fishcotheque. While we have to recommend getting fish and chips, it’s not for everyone. So don’t worry, they have other options including burgers and chicken.

With a full stomach, it’s time to hit the South Bank of London and see Shakespeare’s Globe. This beautiful theatre was built to look like the original 1600s theater where Shakespeare first wrote and performed his plays. It’s also the only thatched-roof building in London because there’s been a law against them since the Great Fire of 1666 and they had to receive special permission to build it.

This is your chance to see a Shakespeare play in an open-ceiling theatre, just like the Bard performed in. And to continue the original experience, grab the really cheap standing tickets for the “Yard” for only 5 pounds. To guarantee Yard tickets, be sure to book far in advance. If not, you might end up paying for a seat (20-60 pounds) which still isn’t a horrible way to experience these incredible plays.

Just four minutes west along the River Thames, you’ll find a riverside pub, Founder’s Arms. Whether you’re looking out their floor-to-ceiling windows or sitting in the large, heated patio, the pub is a perfect place to end the night with a late dinner and drinks. For our vegan friends who feel like they missed out on the fish and chips earlier, don’t miss the pub’s ‘Vegan battered “Fish & Chips”’. Cheers to Shakespeare and completing your three days in London itinerary!